Local Phone Numbers


Burn Info 707-263-3121

Report Fires 707-459-5336 or 911

CDF Headquarters 707-998-3711

Upper Lake Ranger Station  707-275-2361 

Fish & Game  707-944-5550

Waste Solutions 707-234-6400

Redwood Coast Fuel 707-463-3100

Jeff's Appliance  707-459-5223

Farrell Gas 707-962-0562

Stevo's Towing & Storage 707--462-1239

If  there is an Emergency at home while you are at the lake use these phone  numbers. They will know how to contact West Shore to get the info to  you.

Soda Creek Store 707-743-2148

Lake Pillsbury Resort 707-743-9935

Pillsbury Ranch 707-743-1625